Our Story

Here at USHweekender, we are advocates of adventure. We are a socially responsible company who demands high-quality gear that doesn’t cost a fortune. Every penny saved can be spent on your next adventure.  We specialize in affordable travel gear that will make the most of your weekend adventures. On our site, you can find travel essentials, travel tips, and inspiration from us and our customers.

Our Story

USHweekender was formed after our founder, Stephanie, decided to travel to the end of the world to Ushuaia, Argentina to hike the illustrious Tierra del Fuego. She saved for the hotels, flights, excursions, but what she didn’t account for was all the expensive gear needed to go on such an adventure. Thus, USHweekender was born. Stephanie desired affordable, attractive, and high-quality travel accessories that could be used for all types of adventures, whether she decided to take a weekend trip strolling Bourbon Street in New Orleans, hike glaciers in Patagonia, or meander along the Tuscan countryside in Italy.

What's up with the weekends?

At USHweekender, we curate products that will enhance your weekend adventures. We get that most of you have weekday commitments, so it can be hard to spend 24/7 globetrotting (even though we completely support it!). We’ve done extensive research and testing to give you a selection of products that will help make the most of your weekend escapades. The goal is to help keep some extra cash in your pockets, so you are able to spend that money making memories while you travel.


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